Taking Steps for Holidays, Health and Humor

Taking Steps for Holidays, Health and Humor

It’s Cyber Monday and people everywhere are recovering from Black Friday and the holiday weekend in the United States. This week’s “Move!”will focus on ways to increase your steps during the holidays. Take a moment to strap on your wearable fitness device and think of all the ways you can be active during the holidays.  Just take 5 minutes out of your life to jot them down. It could be the beginning of a lifelong habit that increases your life span, improves your health, triggers that weight loss you’ve been wanting to work on for the last few years, improves your focus, heart health and beyond.

Mall and Store Walking.  Be Intentional.

The holidays are a busier time than usual.  Parents are walking a lot more while looking for Christmas gifts.  Often this means visiting multiple toy and game stores.  If you aren’t searching for children’s gifts, you’re traipsing through the mall with your friends after work in the evenings.  This means extra steps. Take the time to be intentional about noticing your steps taken. If it’s more than you’ve taken in some time, stop and really FOCUS on how cool that is! It’s a big deal. This is your health. This is your personal wellbeing. Notice your small steps because they lead to big accomplishments.

Make Standing in Line Fun and Funny

It’s possible you are the person who stands in lines for hours before stores open to make sure you get that ONE thing for your loved one. March or jog in place. If you are with a friend, take turns walking in circles around each other. You’ll log more steps, you’ll laugh and make memories. Especially if you get dizzy and trip. So, be careful!

Ways to Log Your Steps if You Hate Shopping

Yes, it’s true. There are those of us who do not like the malls. We aren’t Scrooge. Still, overfilled parking lots and insane drivers cause us to say more than just “Bah, Humbug!”  Throngs of people shoving to get somewhere, crazy traffic, and long lines make us want to run screaming from the store while we pull our hair and froth at the mouth. We do not get all happy at the thought of being a new type of “first responders.”  You know who they are: the people who get there first so they can video other people pulling each other’s hair and slugging each other in the nose on Black Friday. Let it be said; we hope the police Taser everyone stupid enough to go shopping on Black Friday. Alrighty then… we should be excused from extra walking, right? Guess what? You may think that because you go shopping on Amazon, Groupon, and various online stores to avoid the craziness, there’s no need to strap on your fitness wearable. Think again. Don’t be tempted to sit down when you could be working on your wellness in such an easy way. Take your iPad, tablet or laptop to the gym and put it on the treadmill or elliptical while you browse those stores. You’ll save money when you put your ideas on hold until you get finished walking and come up with better ones while you think. Trust us, this works!

Other ways to get more steps in…

Don’t Fight for a Parking Spot

That’s right. I know it goes against the grain but just give up the fight for that prime parking spot and go to the back of the parking lot and walk. You’ll get more steps and spend less time in the parking lot, less time in the stores.  Plus, if it’s cold outside, you’ll probably burn more calories because you’ll walk faster.

Grocery Store Cover Ops

Don’t forget, you still have to go to the grocery store for holiday meals.  You’ll probably have to do some fancy moves with the grocery cart to cut that other lady off before she gets to that empty check out line before you – that’s an extra 30 steps right there! And don’t forget, you and your bags will have to play human “Frogger” to get to your vehicle once you’re out the door.  Crazy drivers will be vying for your parking place so be careful out there.

Lose Your Tail

Have you seen those movies or television shows where someone is being followed by someone else in a car and they try to lose them? Well, this is a tip for those of us who are playful in errant ways. Parking lots get crazy at Christmas time. You’ll see cars stalking you as you walk to yours. They want your parking spot. You need to increase your steps. Why not take the long way to your car? Weave in and out of those parked cars. Remember that your car isn’t on this row, it’s on the other you just passed. Giggle when your stalker has to figure out to turn around. Yes, it’s kind of mean. But, hey, they should have parked at the back of the parking lot anyway, which is where you are now headed.

Remember, it’s the little things that count. So, put on your wearable fitness device and take that next step to a better you and remember to laugh a lot and have fun.

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4 “Quality Focused” Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are here. Thanksgiving hits tables everywhere in the United States this week. For most of us, the holidays also involve lots of food, snacks at work, Christmas parties with friends, Christmas parties with co-workers, Christmas with one side of the family, then the other side… and it keeps going.  Whether you rarely gain extra weight or you are positive you gain five pounds just by looking at the dessert table, being mindful will help you avoid extra weight gain this season.

What are the Holidays Truly About?

You may think Thanksgiving is all about the turkey and dressing (or if you are in Walkingspree’s part of Texas, it’s turkey and tamales!).  Is Christmas really about eggnog, desserts and sugarplums dancing in your head? The answer is a flat NO. The holidays are truly about quality time with your loved ones. The food is – when you boil it down to hard facts – only an accessory.  That said, our tips are going to be focused around quality time and how to enhance it.

#1 Remember the Reason for the Season – Focus and Savor

We’ve all heard the phrase “The reason for the season.”  Everyone has personal beliefs on what THE reason for the season is but the message is clear: We should be focusing on the people and moments that are most important to us. So, why not incorporate the message into your holiday dinner plans?

Your loved ones and children won’t be around forever.  Children grow up, grandparents pass away, friends move away.  Time marches on and these moments will fade soon enough. Take the time to really focus on your conversations, being in the moment with children, grandchildren, cousins, friends, significant others.  Listen to your uncle ramble on about his latest investments.  High-five your friend on her new job. Cheer your teenage nephews as they compete in the latest games on the Xbox.  Sit by your grandmother as she talks about her “allergies” and how they are the reason she can’t hear a thing these days.  It doesn’t matter that everyone knows she lost her hearing 25 years ago. Just be there, be in the moment and intentionally choose to listen and participate instead of snacking and going back for seconds at the Thanksgiving table.  When you do eat, savor it. Chew it slowly. Say a mental thanks for the person who prepared it. While your chewing, be mindful of why you like the food so much. Is it the taste? The fact that it’s a traditional food and you adore the person who cooked it? Take the time to savor and remember the reasons. Don’t forget: It’s rude to talk with food in your mouth. This works hand in hand with intentionally engaging in conversation.  Let that be your reason for not eating as much.  Let folks know you love the food but let your actions show that you value them, the time so much more. So, go ahead, talk more.  Listen more. Have meaningful and hilarious conversations.  Mentally notice yourself being a part of quality time.

#2  Drink Water, Drown Cravings, Decrease Weight

It’s not uncommon for drinking water to be recommended in helping with weight loss.  Still, most of us don’t think to look for the scientific reasoning behind that.  A lot of us just assume it’s to help us “lose the water weight.”    A quick look at a couple of studies on water and weight loss show that drinking water can increase metabolism by 24-30% over 1-1 ½ hours, helping you burn more calories.

Still another study demonstrated that drinking 17 ounces of water thirty minutes prior to eating helped dieters consume less calories. They lost 44% more weight.

So…drink up! But, remember – drink more water.  Why not something else?  See #3.

#3  BYOB

Bring Your Own Beverage. You’ll be seen positively for contributing to the holiday fare. Your ulterior motive? You’ll also be controlling one of the sneakiest ways that calories sneak in: Your drinks. Here’s a good reason to bring your own flavored water, mix your own wine spritzer or keep your H2O classy with a squeeze of lemon:

  • Common Holiday Drinks are Similar to Fast Food

  • 10 oz Margarita = McDonald’s Big Mac®. That’s right. You wouldn’t (we hope!) toss down 2-3 Big Macs in a single sitting. Unfortunately, the average margarita contains 550 calories while the McDonald’s Big Mac comes in at 543 calories.
  • 16 oz glass of Eggnog = Burger King Whopper®. We know, we know. That is party pooping news for sure. A large serving of eggnog is roughly 687 calories while a Burger King Whopper is “only” 670 calories!

#4 Enjoy ACTIVE Quality Time

Take a walk with your family after dinner. Listen to the kids talk amongst themselves. Ask them to share their favorite moments with family.  Share quality conversation with relatives while you walk. If you can work it in, a walk before your meal is also a good way to help your body burn a few more calories. Make a plan now to add exercise and physical activity into your daily routine no matter where you are, whose house you are at and how long you’ll be there.  (If you need ideas for waking up ready to rock and roll when your head is full of rocks and all you can of think of is a cinnamon roll, check out our post on tricking yourself into a morning workout.) You’re health is one of those most important things we talked about focusing on in #1.  You can’t be your best self, best parent, best sibling, best spouse, best significant other, best provider, etc. without taking care of yourself first.  You’ll want to be around for many more holidays. Your loved ones will want to spend that time with you in the future as well as today.  Being active, treating your body right, feeding it with the right foods is probably the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and if you’re company could use a practical walking corporate wellness program, feel free to forward our website www.walkingspree.com

*For Reference:

▪    McDonald’s Nutrition Facts

▪    Burger King Nutrition Facts

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How to Boost Your Mood and Improve Motivation

Many of us have heard (or read on the Internet) the following quote:  “Exercise is the most under-utilized anti-depressant.”

We nod our heads and click “like” on Facebook, but do we really realize the significance of that little statement?

Depression, long term or short term impacts more of us than you might think. One study showed that the estimated number of people impacted by depression globally is roughly 350 million.  If you think that number is high, think again. It’s estimated that depression contributes to $80 billion dollars worth of health care claims and costs in one year alone.

With those numbers, it seems kind of a no-brainer that if we were feeling depressed, we’d want to take a non-expensive route for treatment – especially knowing results are proven to help or alleviate depression, low mood and lack of motivation.  But we don’t. We know exercise is good for us. Still, the last thing we want to do, when feeling TIRED and UNmotivated is to exercise. Seriously, who wants to jump on the elliptical or the treadmill or hit the trail when we feel so BLAH…?   The answer:  NO ONE.

It’s one of life’s paradoxes:  The last thing you want or feel like doing is probably the best thing for you. Exercise has proven time and again to have a helpful and positive influence upon mental wellbeing.  Still, if you’re feeling like your “get up and go” just got up and left you… alone… for awhile now, rigorous exercise can seem overwhelming.

Here’s the good news: Exercise doesn’t have to be vigorous for you to benefit from its mood boosting effects.

Sure, vigorous cardio work and exercise releases endorphins (which some call the “feel good hormones”) but even calm to moderate exercise increases serotonin, which lifts your spirits, helps your mood and can counteract insomnia.

One of the easiest things you can do: Take a quick, brisk walk.  Walking has been shown time and time again to help mutliple issues in our lives. Alleviating depression, and low morale are just a couple of the concerns walking can address.

If you or a company you know of could benefit from a corporate walking program, be sure to visit the Walkingspree website for further details. If you haven’t followed us on Facebook, we’d love to see you there.

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3 Easy Ways Eliminate to Mental Fatigue and Improve Focus

There are three quick and easy things you can fix that will help eliminate mental fatigue, lethargy, lack of focus and even headaches!

1. Eat Breakfast. So often we are tempted to skip this meal.  Many of us just “aren’t hungry that early in the morning.” But the reality is: studies and research have shown over and over that eating breakfast can improve memory, especially short-term memory and your attention. Students who eat breakfast are shown to perform better. So…why not you? Want to do better at work? Focus and get more done in your daily life? Try eating breakfast. If you aren’t sure what to eat opt for high fiber whole grains, fruits. Don’t forget omega-3 fatty acids are critical for brain health. Diets high in omega-3 have been linked to reducing dementia, stroke risk, Alzheimer’s and more. Many parents swear by omega-3 citing it as a key factor in their children’s ADHD treatment.

2. Stay Hydrated! This is an often overlooked critical component when trying to improve focus and concentration. Did you know that human brains are 80% water? When you are dehydrated your brain tissue loses water which causes your brain to shrink (Yikes!) and pull away from your skull. That could certainly impact focus but it also triggers some of the pain receptors that surround your brain. Yes, you guessed it: This can lead to a nasty headache. Everyone knows that a persistent headache is not only painful and annoying but it leads to mental fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Research has also demonstrated that our brain cells need twice the energy than other cells. That beautiful liquid, H2O delivers this oomph better than any other substance you could imbibe! When you give your brain enough water, it will be able to think with more speed, be more focused and productive!  So, drink your water. It’s good for you in more ways than you might have guessed!

3. Go for a Walk. That’s correct. Taking a short walk, even for just a few minutes has been shown to improve concentration, make you feel more energized and alert. Walking is also a mood booster! Many studies demonstrate the effectiveness of exercise on depression and anxiety – two of the biggest culprits affecting concentration, focus and attention.

So there you have it. Three super easy tips to better focus and eliminating mental fatigue.

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5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into a Morning Workout

5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into a Morning Workout

by Clarissa Mayse, Social Media Director, Walkingspree

We all know those morning fitness types and sometimes we hate them. Those of us who hit the snooze button ten times before hauling our drowsy, sleep filled brains out of bed cannot understand how some people wake up all bright eyed and ready to lift weights, do squats, or just go for a walk. How do they do it? We shake our heads in bewilderment.

Personally, I’ve often wondered if it is safe for me to workout in the mornings. Seriously, I’ve been known to run face first into the bathroom door because my brain wasn’t awake yet. Then there was the time that I poured an energy drink in my son’s oatmeal instead of hot water. And don’t forget that my communication skills are on par with your average caveman. It’s a good morning if you can get more than a couple of grunts or one word answers out of me. My kids have become experts at keeping it simple until Mom has her caffeine.

Like many others, I would love to get my workout over and done first thing. I am not a fitness nut and view exercise as a necessary evil.   I value it because it is smart, healthy and good for my body and personal well-being. All that said; I have a serious struggle with waking up happy, alert and chipper. So, after some searching, I found a few “tricks” that might be helpful. For this week’s “Move Monday” post, I decided to share what I found.

5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into a Morning Workout

1. Wear Your Workout Clothes to Bed. This is my favorite of all the tips I found. It’s a step that takes too much time when a groggy brain attempts it. I’m not the sort to lay my clothes out before I go to sleep. This results in using the reasoning of ‘I’ll just lay here and think about what to wear to workout in’ as an excuse for hitting the snooze button…. 5 times… So, going to sleep in your workout clothes is actually a great idea. It eliminates another excuse immediately. When the alarm goes off, you are ready to roll – or fall – out of bed, whichever applies to your own personal situation.

2. Inhale Peppermint Essential Oil. I love this tip! Because it works so well! For a safer alternative to energy drinks, take a few whiffs of peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has been shown to boost energy, increase concentration and focus.  It’s also known to help with sinuses, headaches and digestive issues. Place a couple of drops on your palms and rub together. Next, breathe in.  Ahhhh…

3. Put Your Shoes Next to Your Bed. You’re already wearing your workout gear. Complete the outfit and put on your shoes as soon as you get out of bed. Some recommend putting your shoes next to the front door. I’m opting for beside the bed because if I put them on right away, I’ll be less tempted to climb back into bed with my shoes on!

4. Drink a Glass of Cool Water. Cool water can help you fire up your metabolism and rehydrate. If you’re trying to kick an energy drink habit, as some of my co-workers are, it will also have a slightly filling effect and possibly stall your craving.

Tip: Add ice and put water in a thermos beside your bed before you go to sleep. This way – when you wake up – it will be right there and you won’t even have to balk at the idea of making the trek to the kitchen!

5. Set a Crazy-Funny Alarm. That’s right. We’ve all heard the so-called “trick” of setting your alarm and placing it across the room, right?  I, personally, despise that trick. It never worked for me and I think a person who has never had trouble waking up must have invented it. The only thing it ever did for me was put me in a crabby mood.  After hauling my rear out of bed to shut it off, the last thing I felt was all rosey, bright-eyed and chipper! Most certainly, I was not in the mood to workout.

So, I decided to try making myself smile at something goofy or rather someone goofy – ME.  I downloaded an app called SpinMe Alarm Clock. It makes you stand up and spin around twice before it will turn itself off. I tried it here in the office and I ended up laughing so hard I almost fell over.  My co-workers just looked on in confusion. (I know.  I’m easily amused.) After spinning (and laughing), I felt happier and thought it would make a great way to wake up.

I also noticed another app called Walk Up Alarm Clock.This one is perfect for Walkingspree members! It promises to wake you up with its anti-snooze feature and getting you to walk. You tell it the number of steps and the amount of time you want to take stepping those steps. The alarm will not turn off until you’ve completed your steps. It looks like you can set it for a few steps, 30 steps or more. You decide.

We, at Walkingspree, hope that you’ll find these tips valuable. We’d like to know what you think. Have you tried any of these?  Do you have another tip that you think would help others?

Did you find this article using a search engine and would like to know more about how your company or your employer can learn about the Walkingspree program? Feel free to visit our contact page.

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