5 Reasons Eating Smart Really IS Smarter

5 Reasons Eating Smart Really IS Smarter

Sure, we’ve all heard that if we eat right, exercise and manage stress, we’ll lose weight and increase our chances of living longer.   But sometimes we forget all the other important elements of our health that are positively impacted by our nutritional habits.

There are numerous reasons to watch what we put into our bodies but let’s focus on some really cool reasons that eating smart really is smarter.

Mood Boosting and Positive Outlook

Yes.  You guessed it.  Your diet can impact how happy you feel, how you perceive life in general.  It can even influence how you handle problems and whether or not you get creative with your solutions.  In a recent study, the British Journal of Health Psychology found that young adults who increase their fruit and vegetable intake experience greater “flourishing.”  This means they’re happier and more curious than those who didn’t.  Positivity and creativity was also a benefit in this study.

Get Better Sleep

Anyone on Facebook or standing in line at a grocery store knows that there are countless articles and magazines touting the benefits of eating certain foods to help you sleep better.  But did you know that many of those articles are actually based on true studies?  Here’s one: The University of Texas conducted a study finding that walnuts are a source of tryptophan.  Tryptophan is an amino acid known for helping promote sleep.  It also helps produce serotonin and melatonin.  Walnuts are just one example of a healthy food helping you get a good night’s sleep.   Check out these four nutrients that help you sleep better.

Increased Brain Power

Eat Smart, Be Smart.  It’s true.  Certain foods have been shown to improve memory, help you stay mentally alert and even help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.   Most of us have heard that eating whole grains and getting our omega 3’s is healthy for memory and brain health.   Some of us did not realize that we could also get some brain boosting effects from pumpkin seeds, blackberries, sage, and broccoli.  Here’s 10 Foods to Boost Your Brainpower.

Pretty Skin

Everyone, male or female, prefers to see smooth, healthy skin when they look in the mirror each morning.  What if your diet and nutrition contributed to less wrinkles and a healthy glow?  Guess what?  It does!  Prevention Magazine put together a list of 8 Foods for Seriously Pretty Skin.

All in all, eating smart is a win-win.  What’s not to love about looking great, feeling awesome, sleeping like a baby and being intelligent?  All that and studies show that increased energy, weight management and living longer are also benefits.   Something to think about the next time you go for a snack.

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