Why You Should Eat Slowly

Why You Should Eat Slowly

You’ve heard that you are supposed to eat slower and chew slower, right?  Many people think that the idea behind eating slower is to “trick the brain.”   It’s not just a psychological trick.

Thin People Eat Slower Have you ever noted that thinner people seem to take forever to finish their meals?  We all know that one person who seems to toy with their food and just takes longer to finish eating than everyone else.  Everyone is ready to leave but this person is still piddling with their food.  Sure, you may know of overweight people who eat slower.  Turns out, it is very common for thinner people to eat more slowly than others.  For many, this is the secret to their slim waistlines and thinner physiques.

Most of us eat too fast. As a result, we consume more calories than we need before we feel like we are no longer hungry.   Here’s why that happens:  It takes roughly 20 minutes from the moment you begin eating for your brain to issue signals of being full.

Eating slower makes sense. Eat slower because that will give your brain time to send out the signal.  You’ll take in less calories and feel full on less rather than more.

It feels good. Not only does eating unhurriedly and consciously assist you in eating less, it boosts the gratification of the overall dining experience.

Want to become a pro at slow, careful eating? Create a ritual.  Turn off distractions like the television, your phone and computer.  Play some music.  Light some candles.  Decorate the table.  Then focus on just enjoying your food.  We can all use extra quality time in our life.  This is a simple way to add a little more quality to yours while developing a healthy, beneficial habit.

Happy Friday!

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