Move Smart! Exercise might help fight obesity gene

Researchers at the Medical Research Council’s Epidemiology Unit in Cambridge examined data on genes, weight and the exercise habits of 220,000 adults from around the world.

Researchers found that people who are genetically predisposed to obesity can reduce their odds of gaining weight by staying active.

The international group of researchers among study data of more than 218,000 participants, found the FTO (gene) “fat mass and obesity associated” (FTO) gene, which is known to increase the risk of obesity, has a 27 percent weaker effect on physically active adults compared to inactive ones.

How much exercise does it take to counteract the gene? About an hour a day five days a week, according to study author Dr. Ruth Loos, an obesity researcher at Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge, England.
Dr. Loos mentioned that walking the dog, cycling to work, taking the stairs, all provide the same effects viewed in the study and that it’s not necessary to run a marathon or necessarily join a gym.

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