Indoor places to walk

Don’t let the weather keep you from walking. Whether it’s cold and wet or hot and humid, you can always find a place to walk indoors. Here are just a few suggestions:

Everyone knows that shopping malls are a great place to walk and meet other walkers, plus many malls open their doors early just for walkers.

But, did you know that many community centers and local schools provide open walking hours and routes through their facility? You may be able to use their gym facilities, too.

Other places with large buildings and long hallways to consider are local community colleges and universities.

If you want to keep it closer to home, try using a walking DVDor develop your own walking circuit throughout your home.

And, if you live in an apartment building or complex, consider mapping out your own route through the hallways and stairwells.

There you go – just a few ideas to keep you stepping. If you have any favorite indoors walking places, please share them with us on below or Facebook page.

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