Walk your way to happiness

March is National Optimism Month so be positive, and check your negative thoughts at the door.

A study published in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology reported active people are notably more optimistic and less pessimistic than inactive people. And walking is one of the best ways to improve your attitude.

Just 25 minutes of walking has been shown to improve mood, reduce stress and create energy.

But what if you just do not feel like walking? Maybe one of these tips will help get you started down your road to happiness.

Getting started is the hardest part, so get it over quickly.

  • Getting started is the hardest part, so get it over quickly.
  • Check your pedometer, it may inspire you.
  • Put on some tunes, it may put you in the mood and drowned out your excuses.
  • Schedule your exercise time, and keep that appointment.
  • Tell yourself you’ll walk 1,000 steps, just 10 minutes. Bet you find yourself walking farther.
  • Make a deal with yourself, no American Idol until you’ve walked 6,000 steps.
  • Guilt yourself. Remember those last five pounds you lost? You don’t want them to come back, do you?
  • Change it up, maybe a walk around the mall or a different track is all it takes.
  • Call your buddy!
  • Better yet, what would you tell your buddy if they called you with the same problem? Now do that!
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Daylight Savings Time & Your Pedometer – Spring ahead, Step ahead

Don’t forget to change the time ahead an hour in your pedometer Saturday night.

If you are using the Omron USB Pedometer (HJ-720IT) to change the time, press SET and hold it down until the hour starts to flash.

Then using the MEMO button scroll through the time until the time is correct.

Please double check that you have the correct AM and PM or your pedometer will reset at noon instead of midnight.

Then use the SET button to scroll through the minutes, weight and stride length until it is back to steps.

It is VERY important to not change the time 10 minutes prior or 10 minutes after midnight. This could impact your account and placement of steps on the correct day.

Happy Stepping!

WalkingSpree Team

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Restart Your Walking Routine Slowly After a Cold or Flu


Sneezing? Coughing? Fever? Overall muscle aches?

You probably have a cold or flu, so let it run its course. Get some rest, take plenty of fluids and hold back on your walking routine. Your immune system is already under stress, so avoid adding more stress by exercising too soon.

It may be a week or two before you are strong enough to restart your walking routine. A cold can last four to 10 days, and a flu can linger for as many as three weeks.

When you do begin walking again, do it gradually. Start walking three days a week and only walk for as long as you can, maybe 10 minutes. Build up to 30 minutes a day. Add days and steps as your strength increases.

Listen to your body during your walk and throughout the day. Watch for signs of fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc., and make adjustments.

Remember to warm up before and after, and to stay hydrated.

Keep yourself motivated by working on short term goals. Don’t get down on yourself and don’t focus on having to start all over.

Trying to make up for lost time will only set you back further. So move smart and return gradually. As your health improves, so will your stamina and you will be back to your normal walking routine.

Step Tip: On days when you’re feeling fantastic and have more time, go for larger step count days to make up for days when you may be feeling sick. That way you’ll stay on track for your step goals. This is especially important if you have a required step goal to make for your company or sponsor initiative.
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Walk for your Heart. Walk for your Health

February is heart month. Please send this to someone whose heart you care about this Valentine’s Day.


WalkingSpree delivers an effective, measurable, economical, and fun walking employee wellness program for corporate clients, health insurers, health clubs and the general public. Members step with a 99% accurate USB Omron pedometer in a web 2.0 walking community. To see how WalkingSpree’s corporate wellness program can reduce health care costs, engage employees and provide quantifiable health results for your company, please contact us today.

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2010 Count Step-a-Lot Halloween Winners

Congratulation to this year’s creative winners! This year was a first for being primarily group entries. It’s great to see participants come together for an event like this and have fun!

Best Individual:

Kelly Gower from SKF :”I wouldn’t be caught dead without my pedometer.”

Best Group:

Shane Clark (head) and Debbie Dimke (body) from Team Rockville (Teva USA).

“Just trying to stay a”head” of the competition”

Honorable Mention:

KONE Mexico. A fantastic group effort!

More great entries!



“This picture was taken after we finished trick or treating – and I had over 10,000 steps! ”

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