October 2009 Step Challenge

One step, two steps, three steps, 10,000 steps


Velcome my stepping friend!

Sound familiar?;)

It’s time again for the Count Stepalot Halloween Challenge! A perfect way to take more steps and have fun at the same time. And if you’re likely dipping into the Halloween goodies, a great way to burn off some calories too. To help motivate you to take more steps this Halloween, whether it’s out walking with your kids from house to house, dancing up a storm at a Halloween party or traipsing to the door handing out treats, we’re offering you this challenge.


1. Send us a photo or a video of you wearing or holding your pedometer with some sort of Halloween theme in the picture and you’re eligible to win a copy of the 10,000 steps to your Optimal Weight Book. You can be dressed up, or you can be in front of a Halloween decorated yard as long as it’s Halloween theme related. The winning photo or video will be posted on the WalkingSpree blog. You must have your pedometer showing in the photo or video or you won’t be eligible for the prize.

2. Now this year to take the challenge a bit further, we’re adding step average minimums. From October 17th until October 31st, you must have a 6000 step average to qualify. To make this fun for you, we’re adding a challenge tracker to your home page.  Those of you in the retail program will also have a virtual walk for the two week duration. The only way to complete the walk in time is to maintain the average. You’ll be able to see your path along the map route and zoom in and see landmarks if you choose too!

Last year’s winning entry was by Pete Manczyk as “Joe the Human Pedometer”. Check out some of the creative entries from  last year’s Count Stepalot Challenge.

All entries must be in by noon EST. Wednesday, Nov. 4th.

Send your entry to

Good luck and have fun!

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