Benefits of Walking

Providing the right ingredients for success in a corporate wellness program

Combine the following ingredients for a winning recipe for an award winning corporate wellness program!

1. Your great company with employees who want to be healthier.
2. Know your numbers to obtain accurate biometric data (recommended)
3. Use a highly accurate USB pedometer to obtain trackable activity data.
4. Sprinkle liberally a fun, engaging, high participation walking program.

Mix together, and watch for explosive results! This perfect low calorie, metabolism increasing, smorgasbord is perfect for your Corporate Wellness Program.

—————————– delivers an effective, economical, and fun walking employee wellness program for corporate clients, health insurers, health clubs and the general public. Members step with a 99% accurate USB Omron pedometer in a web 2.0 walking community. To see how WalkingSpree’s corporate wellness program can reduce health care costs, engage employees and provide accountable health results for your company, please contact us today.

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Sept 26, 2010 World Heart Day: Workplace Wellness

One Third of Surveyed Workers Believe That Their Workplace Hinders Their Ability to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Despite the vast majority (91%) of workers believing that it is their employer’s responsibility to create a healthy working environment, nearly a third (32%) of employees feels their workplace actually hinders their ability to lead a healthy lifestyle, according to new independent research commissioned by the World Heart Federation and conducted by the Opinion Health Online Healthcare Consumer Survey.

World Heart Day’s Workplace Wellness initiative on September 26th, calls upon companies and individuals to use the workplace to create employee health programs and promote long-term behavioral changes that will benefit employers, employees and communities.

This year, companies are being urged one step further by engaging with companies in order for them to effectively implement the Workplace Wellness initiative.

From the Press Release on World Heart Day:

“World Heart Day is a major international awareness day dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and control of heart disease and stroke,” states Professor Pekka Puska, President, World Heart Federation. “We hope that this day motivates people to take preventative action within the workplace to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease, and that people around the world will join us in both celebrating World Heart Day, and in the global fight against heart disease and stroke.”

“As many of us spend over half of our waking hours at work, the workplace is the ideal setting to encourage behaviour changes to minimize a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease.” – Dr. Kathryn Taubert, Senior Science Officer, World Heart Federation.

A healthy workforce can yield real benefits for your business, e.g. increase performance and productivity, and decrease healthcare costs, while increasing the well-being and morale of individual employees.

—————————– delivers an effective, economical, and fun walking employee wellness program for corporate clients, health insurers, health clubs and the general public. Members step with a 99% accurate USB Omron pedometer in a web 2.0 walking community. To see how WalkingSpree’s corporate wellness program can reduce health care costs, engage employees and provide accountable health results for your company, please contact us today.

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Creating SMART Goals

Goal planning helps you to achieve whatever you want in life, whether it is a fitness, financial or personal accomplishments, by having a plan and following through.

S – Specific. Define exactly what you want to accomplish. Walk 10,000 steps/day?
M – Measurable. Log your progress on the WalkingSpree website, both fitness and nutrition.
A – Adjustable. Be flexible and have a back up plan in case you’re not able to get out for your regular walk or you’re suddenly going out for lunch.
R – Realistic. Make sure the goal reflects what is attainable for you and not based on comparing yourself to others.
T – Time based. Set a deadline, but remember that long term changes are achieved when you take your time.

And remember, that there will always be days that you don’t meet your goals, but it’s like brushing your teeth. If you forgot one night before bed, you wouldn’t say “I give up. I’m never brushing my teeth again.” Fitness and health is the same way, get back up the next day and start all over again.

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From Couch Potato to Competitor

Member Highlight

Name: Jeremy Sapp
Heaviest Weight: 354 lbs
Current Weight: 200 lbs
Weight Loss: 154 lbs

Three years ago, Jeremy Sapp weighed 354 lbs and was a couch potato. Today he weighs 200 lbs and ran 13.1 miles in Austin’s 3M Half Marathon in only 1 hour and 48 minutes.

The transformation started two years ago when Jeremy’s wife mentioned a wellness program the company was starting – WalkingSpree’s online pedometer program.

Jeremy recalls, “We said, ‘Let’s see how this works and what happens.’ We got our pedometers, started slowly and were very surprised at how motivating it was to see how people in the contests were doing when we uploaded with our pedometers. It was surprising to me to see how this competitive nature came out.”

They started off slowly, walking around the neighborhood in the evenings. “It was fun. It was good quality time together.”

Then Jeremy started walking around on his lunch hour. And doing more walking on the weekends, “I quickly found out how important good shoes were!”

Six months ago he decided to run the half-marathon.

“I started by jogging and picking up pace with walking. Then running a couple of miles on my long walks and just progressed to running further and further. And then I’d start running 10 to 12 miles each week either when I was on the treadmill or out on the streets.”

The result? Five thousand and five hundred people ran the marathon. The fastest runner came in at one hour and nine minutes. Jeremy finished in the top 20%, coming in at one hour and 48 minutes.

Of course, he couldn’t have done it without the support of his family and friends.

“I absolutely have a supportive wife. And we’re about to have one more in the family. My wife is going to have a baby. March 1st is our due date…. She’s getting big, like she’s supposed to. She’s walking too!”

Jeremy dreams of walking with the baby tucked snugly in the new jogging stroller his father has purchased. And he also dreams that one day the baby will cheer him on at yet another finish line.

“I think that someday I’d like to do a marathon. I haven’t set my mind on it yet but it’s something to contemplate. Actually, we were sitting around at breakfast and we were talking about how it would be cool to do the Ironman. That would be a lifetime achievement goal to someday be able to do that. Maybe someday the stars will align and I’ll be in Hawaii with my wife and child and family and doing the Ironman.

We want your success stories.

Success is measured by many factors. Whether it’s weight loss, or improving your blood pressure, managing your diabetes or simply reaching 10,000 steps for the first time, we want to hear about it.

If you feel you or someone you know should be included in a member highlight, please contact us at

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October 2009 Step Challenge

One step, two steps, three steps, 10,000 steps


Velcome my stepping friend!

Sound familiar?;)

It’s time again for the Count Stepalot Halloween Challenge! A perfect way to take more steps and have fun at the same time. And if you’re likely dipping into the Halloween goodies, a great way to burn off some calories too. To help motivate you to take more steps this Halloween, whether it’s out walking with your kids from house to house, dancing up a storm at a Halloween party or traipsing to the door handing out treats, we’re offering you this challenge.


1. Send us a photo or a video of you wearing or holding your pedometer with some sort of Halloween theme in the picture and you’re eligible to win a copy of the 10,000 steps to your Optimal Weight Book. You can be dressed up, or you can be in front of a Halloween decorated yard as long as it’s Halloween theme related. The winning photo or video will be posted on the WalkingSpree blog. You must have your pedometer showing in the photo or video or you won’t be eligible for the prize.

2. Now this year to take the challenge a bit further, we’re adding step average minimums. From October 17th until October 31st, you must have a 6000 step average to qualify. To make this fun for you, we’re adding a challenge tracker to your home page.  Those of you in the retail program will also have a virtual walk for the two week duration. The only way to complete the walk in time is to maintain the average. You’ll be able to see your path along the map route and zoom in and see landmarks if you choose too!

Last year’s winning entry was by Pete Manczyk as “Joe the Human Pedometer”. Check out some of the creative entries from  last year’s Count Stepalot Challenge.

All entries must be in by noon EST. Wednesday, Nov. 4th.

Send your entry to

Good luck and have fun!

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