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A fantastic offer that you should not miss this autumn!
Fibit Special Pricing
Take advantage of this special offer before it’s too late. Shop the Walkingspree store to see the full line of Fitbit trackers.
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Fitbit ALTA Fitbit BLAZE
$104.95 $154.95
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Fitbit ALTA HR Fitbit CHARGE 2 Fitbit IONIC
$134.95 $134.95 $284.95
*Prices shown do not include shipping and applicable taxes
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Eggs aren’t the only things in pretty colors this Easter

Easter eggs aren’t the only things brightly colored or pretty in pastel
Have you seen the new Fitbit Alta HR? Not only is it slim and stylish, it monitors your heartrate. The Alta HR is just one of many trendy, sporty devices in the Fitbit line.
You can get all of them with a $15 discount* in the Walkingspree store.
*$15 off MSRP. Many other Fitbit choices in the Walkingspree store. Coming soon! Sliver bangle and cobalt blue wristband are just two of many new fitbit
accessories To be offered in the Walkingspree store.
Click here to shop for a great Easter gift:

Written by Krissy Gillaspia for Walkingspree

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Pretty and Practical: Fitbit’s New Alta HR

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3 Easy Safety Tips to Start Your Spring Walking Program

3 Easy Safety Tips to Start Your Spring Walking Program

Spring is almost here! You won’t be confined to the indoors and you’re looking forward to the fresh air. Spring is a great time to try out a new walking regime. Don’t forget you’ll want to prepare for the transition from being indoors to heading outdoors the first few times. Safety might seem a no brainer but just in case you are a little rusty with where you should exercise or what are the normal precautions, here’s a few quick tips to keep in mind when making that indoor to outdoor transition with your new walking program.

Always tell someone where you are going. If you are going somewhere alone, let someone know. Chances are, everything will always be fine and no one will need to come looking for you. But, just in case, if you aren’t back in a reasonable amount of time, telling someone is a smart idea and allows people to find you much faster. Don’t forget that more populated areas like parks and public areas can be safer simply because there are more people around.

Don’t be predictable. Walking the same route at the same time every day is not only boring but can also let potential criminals on to the fact that you have a routine. Change your route. Choose different times of the day and even alternate directions (start at the opposite end) if you use the same path or trail several times week.

Watch the weather and keep contact information on your person.
Remember to check the weather. At the very least, you may want sunscreen and at the worst, you don’t want to be caught in a surprise thunderstorm. Be sure to carry contact information with you for emergencies. For example, if something goes wrong and  someone needs to help you,  they can call your family or a friend.

Spring is in the air and you should feel better knowing that you’re also taking care of your wellbeing in other ways just by following these tips.

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