Cycling with your pedometer

get steps in while cycling

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to get health benefits from cycling. And with a little trial and error, you can even capture “steps” on your pedometer. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your Walkingspree pedometer when you are on your bicycle.

When you get on your bike, you will need to adjust where you place your pedometer to record the most “steps.” It may not capture all steps, but it will record the majority. Hanging loose in a pocket works while walking, but this application will not record steps during biking. The trick is to place it snug against your body and placed where the pedometer will pick up your leg or foot motion. One suggested placement is in a line between your navel and side hip, tucked in tight against your body, with the lanyard end pointing up. (The pedometer will look like it is upside down.) Another location may be in your sock or on your knee (some have used a tensor knee brace to hold it in place). The knee location seems to work best for a recumbent bike. Try several locations to see what works best for you. And remember to use your lanyard at all times.

protect your pedometer from excess moistureAnd don’t forget to protect your pedometer from humidity and excess moisture that may result from your ride. The humidity can build up in the LCD display, so wrap your pedometer in a plastic sandwich bag and secure it with an elastic band or twist tie.

Also, be mindful that the distance covered while biking will not yield the same amount of steps if you had walked that distance because of the coasting. Even though the pedometer may not capture all the steps, it does capture a lot of them and anyone doing a decent amount of cycling is going to get several thousand steps which contributes to your step count.

So, if you are looking for a way to mix up your exercise routine, why not hop on a bike and go for a spin? For more information on bicycling, check out a previous blog posting.

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My Heart, My Life

LaTonya M. Baldwin (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan participant)

LaTonya M. Baldwin, BCBSM participant

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of all Americans?
In fact, someone dies from CVD every 38 seconds! Heart disease also kills more women than all forms of cancer combined, according to the American Heart Association.

My Heart, My Life” was the theme for American Heart Association’s walk this year. on Saturday, May 12th, my heart was full. Last blog, I wrote that I had trained and committed to participating in the AHA’s Barton Malow 5K Fun Run. I did. I ran my first 5k at a 9:26 minute pace, completing the run in 33 minutes. My pedometer registered almost 9k steps and my running program tracked that I completed 3.5 miles. Thanks to my Walkingspree pedometer, I experienced the power of tracking my efforts. Thanks to my couch potato to 5k and other running podcasts, I successfully trained.

Let me give you a bit of my history. I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of family members I’ve lost to stroke and cardiac arrest. When I had knee surgery in 2010, my blood pressure skyrocketed in the prep area. I’ve been on meds since. I’ve lost thirty pounds and kept them off. I exercise five days a week to stay above ground. I take care of my heart, my life. I’m 47 with a compromised knee and a great heart!

Listen folks, if you haven’t figured it out yet, tracking matters. Training is powerful. Walking and other forms of cardio are good for your heart and therefore good for you. Live well. Embrace, “My Heart, My Life.”

Thanks to all of you who donated and supported me.

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CSA – Scavenger Hunt Photo’s Weeks 2 – 3

CSA has created a Scavenger Hunt game to get their employees out and walking. Participants are given a bi-weekly list of 10 items to find. To prove they found the items, they must provide a photo of the item with themselves and/or their pedometer in the photo. How fun is that! Check out their second round’s Photos!

Scavenger Items for week 2-3

Bank, Baseball Field, Flower Shop, Graffiti, Hospital, Place of Worship, Polie/Fire Station, Recycle Bin, Starbucks, UPS/Fed Ex Box.

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Support the American Heart Walk

LaTonya M. Baldwin (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan participant)

LaTonya M. Baldwin, BCBSM participantIt’s been too long since I’ve last blogged. While I haven’t been blogging, I have been walking.  Participating with Walkingspree has lead to me taking on more challenges. I’m currently using the Couch to 5k program in preparation for our local American Heart Association Walk to be held in Detroit on May 12th. I’m running because I can. I’m running to encourage others to commit to improving their own health and the health of others.

Because I’ve been walking, I have improved my cardiovascular health. I am stronger, healthier and more confident. Thanks to many of my new friends at Walkingspree, I’ve opted to seek out more ways to exercise and enjoy good health.

On Saturday, the 12th, I am running in honor of my cousin, Michael Wilson, Jr. He was an amazing man. Michael encouraged his friends and family to live well. He trained hard daily, ate well and he believed we all could make a difference. He supported everyone he knew to give their best to themselves and others. His mantra was: “What have you done to make a difference today?”

I lost my cousin in May 2010. That same year I had knee surgery. After surgery I was afraid to run. But fear lost. Mikey believed in me so I chose to do the same. I’ve pushed myself to do more, live now.

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Bikini Body Workout

Allison Stringer (kCura participant)

Allison Stringer, kCura participant
Today, we started a club at work called “Bikini Body Buddies.”  This group comprises of women only, who want to get their bodies ready for summer and to become healthier individuals.  Starting soon, we will be running once a week together as a team. As a Bikini Body Buddy member, we will be utilizing the pedometers to keep track of our aerobic and total number of steps we will achieve during our workouts.  During each workout session, we hope to increase our stepping.  Our first workout goal is to hit 2,000 steps, which is equal to one mile. We are going to motivate each other to get what we individually believe to be the perfect bikini bod for the summer of 2012.

I am so excited to join this group.  I have been struggling to get to the gym each night and I could not be any happier that we have started this group at work.  Not only will I get my work accomplished, but I will knock off the exercise part as well!

Work wellness is very important.  Some men and women do not have time to get to the gym to work out, so lunch hour or after hours runs are a great idea to promote wellness in the workplace.  If it is too difficult to get to the gym before or after work, what is better than a lunch walk or jog?

I hope that my fellow bloggers read this and it inspires them to start a “Bikini Body Buddies” group at their worksite!  Summer is upon us.

I found 15 minutes a day for 12 weeks work out to prepare your body for summer.  I have started doing these and it is a fantastic cardio workout, and it’s only 15 minutes!


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