Eat, Drink and Exercise?

There are numerous things you already know to do before you workout, exercise or go for a brisk walk. These things might include dressing in your best workout duds, wearing the right shoes, ear buds are in and your Fitbit, Garmin or other wearable device is strapped on.

But what about the things you aren’t supposed to do? Some things are no brainers. Drinking alcohol while you’re working out or eating a huge meal right before you hit the gym are both examples of things we know are not good for us while other actions that seem “okay” are actually not pre-exercise approved.

Here are five things to keep in mind before you plan your next walk or workout.

(1)      Avoid Drinking Alcohol. Period. You know that one glass of wine you enjoy at happy hour? It can lower your blood-sugar levels, which can lead to shakiness and weakness. Even small amounts of alcohol can cause drowsiness, narrowing of blood vessels and other side effects.  None of these things lead to a great workout or productive walk. Skip the adult beverages before your walk. It’s just common sense.

(2)      Avoid the “Wrong” Foods Before a Walk. This means you’ll want to avoid foods high in protein or fats. These types of foods take longer to digest, leave you feeling overly full and cause you to walk slower and workout at less than your full potential.

(3)      Choose the “Right” Foods if You Need to Eat First. To avoid the overly full feeling mentioned in #3, you’ll want to choose foods like a handful of pretzels, a small bowl of vegetable soup, a piece of fruit or other simple carbohydrates. Remember to use personal common sense. If foods are supposed to be “light” yet are an issue for your own digestive issues, look for different options. You don’t want an upset digestive system to deal with during your walk or workout.

(4)      Don’t Drink Too Much Water. That’s right. It seems counterproductive when you think about how often we hear to stay hydrated and to drink more water.  But, experts say that drinking too much water before a walk can cause you to experience painful cramps. Recommendations say drinking 1 cup of water per hour two hours prior to your walk is best. It’s also a good idea to take a bottle of water on your walk and remember to sip about every 10 minutes. When walking more than an hour (or if you sweat heavily) you’ll want to rehydrate with a sports drink that has electrolytes in it.

(5)      Avoid “Over” Stretching or “Static” Stretching. Again, this is one that we all have heard we should do. Who hasn’t heard that you need to stretch before a workout in order to avoid soreness? Well, apparently over stretching impedes muscle performance. Studies indicates that holding the position for 30–60 seconds will increase flexibility in muscle tissue; however, done before activity or workout, static stretching may actually impede the muscle’s ability to perform.

Written by Krissy Gillaspia for Walkingspree

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Eggs aren’t the only things in pretty colors this Easter

Easter eggs aren’t the only things brightly colored or pretty in pastel
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Written by Krissy Gillaspia for Walkingspree

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Pretty and Practical: Fitbit’s New Alta HR

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Four Ways to Make Easter Healthier

Four Ways to Make Easter Healthier

Easter is less than a month away. April 16 is just around the corner. It’s time to start planning now to stick to your family’s healthier choices and preferences. Steering through the Easter holiday can be difficult if you are trying to make healthy choices and also trying to help your kids make healthier choices. Often, grandparents or well-meaning friends and family members can sabotage a healthy diet faster than a chocolate bunny served with a cream filled egg!

Here’s Four Ways to make your Easter weekend healthier:

Healthy Easter Eggs – Most Easter egg hunts consist of filling colored plastic eggs with candy and then laying the plastic eggs in the yard. Instead of filling them with candy, why not write some sort of fun activity or suggestion on slips of paper and put those in eggs? Ideas include: “Do 20 jumping jacks” and “run to the backyard fence and back” or “This slip entitles you to a walk around the lake with Dad.”  The further the egg hunt moves on, the more exercise the kids will get and the faster they will want to go to bed that night without the sugar high!

Neighborhood/Community Egg Hunt – Meet with your neighborhoods a couple weeks ahead of time. Determine who will be home and who won’t mind all the kids zipping in and out of their yard. Then develop a neighborhood-wide egg hunt. Make sure the kids know there are some cool prizes in the eggs. They will zig zag all over the neighborhood and making it a fun event for everyone.

Candy Rationing – If friends or family bring a solid 1 lb chocolate egg or a 3-foot-tall candy filled basket, you can ration the candy out to the kids at your own pace. Let your kids know ahead of time that it’s not healthy to eat all the candy in one sitting. Some parents even donate “extra” candy to other children or schools for class parties so that there is not a ton of extra candy sitting around after Easter.

Filler Ideas – Who says it must be candy in the egg? It’s perfectly fine to fill the eggs with “non-candy” items. If it fits, put it in the egg. Think stickers, toy cars, hair ties and bows, lip balm, coins and cash. Get creative and have fun with your ideas for egg fillers.

Written by Krissy Gillaspia for Walkingspree.

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