Change the time on your pedometer this weekend

change clocks in fall

It’s time to fall back. Time to get an extra hour of sleep, or better yet, an extra hour of walking. So this weekend, when you are changing the time on your microwave or coffee maker, make sure you reset the time on your pedometer, too!

To change the time on your Omron USB Pedometer press SET and hold it down until the hour starts to flash.

Then using the MEMO button scroll through the time until the time is correct.

Please double check that you have the correct AM and PM displayed on your pedometer or it will reset at noon instead of midnight.

Then use the SET button to scroll through the minutes, weight and stride length until it is back to steps.

Special note: It is VERY important to not change the time 10 minutes prior or 10 minutes after midnight. This could impact your account and placement of steps on the correct day.


We will announce the winners of the 2012 Count-Step-a-Lot Halloween Contest in next Monday’s Move! and on our Facebook page. Thanks for submitting such amazing entries!

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Walk yourself happy (video)

This short video from the “Walk Yourself Happy” campaign by SA Health in Australia may inspire you to “kick” up your walking routine a bit.

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Eat Smart! Weird vegetables, part 2

Last year we shared a few fruits and vegetables that might, shall we say, make you walk to the other side of the produce aisles at the grocery store. At first sight (or fright) they were downright ugly. But what we found were wonderfully fun and flavorful additions to our culinary repertoire.

So, once again we offer up for your consideration three tantalizing veggie offerings.


This knobby and downright gnarly-looking root may become your new best friend. Also known as celery root, it is low in carbs (about 9 grams in a cup, compared to 26 grams in a cup of potatoes).Plus it packs a powerful nutritional punch of vitamins K and C and B6. It’s a good source of fiber, too! Suggested uses include replacing it for potatoes – from mashed potatoes on your dinner plate to soups to casseroles.


Paper covered tomatoes? Well, sort of. They are a distant relative to the tomato and are a main ingredient in Mexican salsa and moles. They make the green sauce (salsa verde) green. You can use tomatillos any way you use tomatoes – in an omelet, or a sauce or on a sandwich. Just remember to remove the husks! The slightly tart taste is sure to please.

Anemic carrots? Their pale exterior may make you think they are white carrots, but parsnips can be a sweet addition to any meal. Plus, eating a cup of these could get you 25 percent of your daily fiber requirement. Boil up a batch and mash them with some potatoes for dinner tonight.

Read Weird fruits and vegetable – part 1

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Walking boosts brain power

You know that walking is good for your heart, but did you know that walking also slows the decline of memory loss related to dementia and Alzheimer’s.

People with Alzheimer’s who walked 5 miles a week, about 10,000 steps, showed a slower decline in brain volume. Also, healthy adults who walked six miles a week maintained brain volume and significantly reduced cognitive decline.
The findings, from a 20-year study conducted by Dr. Cyrus Raji Ph.D. and his team from the Department of Radiology at the University of Pittsburgh, showed that “across the board greater amounts of physical activity were associated with greater brain volume.”

“Walking can improve your brain’s resistance to the disease and reduce memory loss over time,” said Raji.

So when you’re out walking this week, know that 2,000 steps of your daily walk are keeping you smart!

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Tips on staying away from Halloween candy

Walk into any store during the month of October and the first items you see are stacks and stacks of candy tempting you to pick up a bag or two. It seems like every desk at the office has an overflowing candy bowl, so how do you cope with the temptation? Here are a few tricks to help you stay away from those sugary treats.

  • Focus your energy on displays and costumes – hold contests, check out decorations, etc.
  • Keep chewing gum available as an alternative to popping a small treat in your mouth.
  • Walk away from the food table at work.
    If there is a food table, bring some healthy snacks like popcorn, small bags of nuts, or bite-size fruits and veggies.
  • Set a limit as to how many pieces of candy or treats you will have at parties and stick to it. Remember, moderation is okay, mindless eating is not.
  • When you buy candy, buy stuff you don’t like.
  • Buy your candy the day before and limit the amount you bring into the house.
  • If you find yourself raiding the candy bowl while waiting for Trick-or-Treaters to appear at your door, consider handing out non-food items like temporary tattoos, stickers or glow sticks.
  • Have your spouse hand out the candy while you take the kids out around the neighborhood – a great way to get in extra steps.
  • Let your spouse take any leftover treats to their office the next day to remove temptation from the house.

If you have any tips that work for you, please share them on our Facebook page, or post them at the bottom of this post. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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