Accelerate your Walking Workout

I have a great walking workout to accelerate your results this week:

1. Clip on your Pedometer (don’t forget to use your lanyard. The lanyard is essential to use to prevent losing your pedometer).

2. Start off with any easy pace, making sure that you’re keeping your arms bent and moving.

3. Make sure to contract your abs, stride strong and now.…..

4. 10-minutes into your walk (your aerobic steps are now activated), do 1-minute of squats making sure you sink back on your hips, keeping your knees behind your toes and exhaling when lifting. When done.

5. Continue walking for another 5-minutes.

6. Stop for 1-minute for a set of Push-ups either against a wall, bench or on the grass if possible. When done, continue walking…yeah…feeling great!

7. Continue walking for 5-minutes increasing your intensity, either by walking faster or a jogging…oh yeah!

8. Slow down and for (you guessed it!) 1-minute Walking Lunges or Stationary Lunges

9. Now if your goal is 20-minutes of cardio end with a BIG FINISH by sprinting/jogging or running for 1 minute. Burning?..Oh yeah…Increased Calories…Definitely!

10. If you want to continue on change your walking with 1/5 combo (1 minute of walking/sprinting/running followed by 5 minutes of walking).

11. Make sure you cool down, followed by stretching. YEAH YOU DID IT!Cool

If you have any questions for me, I’m now online for live chat support every Friday from 4:30 – 5:30 (pdt), so don’t hesitate to log on or email me.

Fitfully yours,

Lisa (aka Trainerlisa)

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