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Lacie Lyons (Consumer Participant)

My given name is Lacie Lyons, though 11 years ago my name changed… to Mom! So chose which you prefer.

A busy self-employed single mom of two “tweens” and volunteer, I use my sense of humor to keep it all in check.

My children will tell people that I am just a kid, always playing, that all people are kids, just some people forget how to play. Playing with my kids has been such a great reward for me in recent years, learning to ice skate last year, learning to hula hoop with them this year, because when my eldest was born I was unable to even climb two flights of stairs. Realizing I wasn’t able to play with my son, I set on a journey to change my life!

Working to lose 120lbs, and being someone who is an all or nothing kinda gal, I decided I wanted to train to walk a marathon!!

Even though I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis earlier this year I have kept at it, my stubbornness showing, and am 16 weeks away from participating in the Honolulu Marathon in December (hey, who could say no to Hawaii in December?)

My pedometer is there with me every step of the way (oh yes, pun intended). In the beginning I was forgetting to put my pedometer on in the morning, and since I often walk first thing before even a coffee, the pedometer got left on the dresser. No more!! I put it on and it stays on, even at night, so its there to catch my first stumbly steps out the door in the morning.

The pedometer has become such a focal point in the family that my sons asked for their own so that they can compete with me… wow, they get a lot of steps at recess and lunch break at school while I am sitting in my office!

Join me on my journey, laugh with me, learn from my stumbles and let’s see how many steps I can get in Hawaii! (I estimate 72,000 for marathon day)

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Baby Girl’s Fourth Birthday Walk

Rene’ Brown (CNO Participant)

Hello all!

Today is my first blogging day and I’m excited!

I just left a weight watchers (WW) meeting and received a star for losing 5 pounds! Woo Hoo!

Another WW member got a “ten pound weight loss ribbon.” I’m proud of her! Way to go girl!

I love the meetings because they help me stay focused on what I put in my mouth. And I love my pedometer because it helps me stay focused on moving my feet.

I mentioned in my “bio-blog” that my grand daughter just had a fourth birthday. We’ll that was just this past weekend.  Weekend steps have been tough in the past because for the most part, I get my grands and cart them everywhere. Driving to the store, driving to the play ground, driving to the restaurant – etc, etc. So in the recent past I started to incorporate things for us to do so that “I” can get some steps. Okay – call me selfish – but they’ll thank me for it later.

The first time we walked to the supermarket my grandson said “What, why are you acting like you don’t have a car.” Laughing I told him that I needed to walk more to get more steps on my pedometer and they needed to help me. Of course he offered to wear it for me, but I assured him that I needed to get the steps on my own.

Getting back to Janae’s birthday – I decided to take the kids to lunch at the Chinese Buffet then take a trip to Toys R Us so she could select her own toy. That way – it’s a win-win and I knew she would love what she got because she could pick it out for herself.

When we got outside of the house – my grands headed straight for the car and I walked straight past it. It was too funny when my grand son said “oh no, we’re walking AGAIN – UGH! Now here’s a kid that runs all over the house – jumps from sofa to chair and back again and again and again, wrestles with pillows and rides his bike until breathless and just joined a little league football team – and he says “we’re walking AGAIN – UGH!” My grand daughter – Ms. Prima Donna – walks slower than molasses going up hill in a February snow storm, followers her brother’s lead and reply’s with folded arms “UMP!” So, I try to soften the blow by offering a short cut. Of course he opted for the shorter route – and Ms. CC (copy cat) went along with her older brother.

So we start out on our journey – Down Woodhaven Road until the pavement turned to an all grassy area – then through the parking lot, back through the grass again and ultimately making it to Millbrook Road where they could finally see the Dynasty. Keeping them focused on this leg of our journey was interesting to say the least. Now, when walking alone – I clock “aerobic steps” but with the little ones – forget it. Baby girl stops at every flower, stick, and rock and before I know it – her pockets are filled with her treasure hunt treasures and so are mine. No aerobic steps here – but I’m just pleased to clock steps.

Happy to see the restaurant, but discouraged because they still could not see the toy store their faces began to distorted as they looked at me as if I told the biggest toy store fib on the planet. Reassuring them, “its right over there”, I said – just keep walking, you’ll see it. Well, I don’t have to tell you when they finally saw the Toys R Us sign – life was alright again and I was the absolute BEST!

We finally reached the restaurant where with WW and no aerobic steps in the back of my mind, I made some really good food choices and my grand daughter – her plate was filled with string beans, sugar snow peas, a small amount of noodles and salad makings. Yes, this little girl loves her veggies and will choose them over pizza and hot dogs and will choose fresh strawberries rather than wait for my fabulous strawberry ice cream. But Robert (Ra for short) is the total opposite. With no other option – his greedy little self will devour a dinner salad – but with choices – forget it. His plate was filled with every starch known to man kind – french fries, mashed potatoes, fried rice, noodles and meat. I did manage to get him to eat a little bit of a lettuce salad, but we are still working on him.

In any event after our lunch – we proceeded to the toy store where Lil Mama picked the perfect gift and guess what – I had to go to another store. But all was right with the world – with everyone fed, carrying gift bags, balloons and the crown that graced the birthday girl’s head – we walked about a ½ mile to the Wal Mart – which was not on the short cut route.

With all said and done – Our walk only got me 6,742 steps, none of which were aerobic steps. But that’s okay – I got my step court over 10,000 steps that day!  Hey – what’s the quote…“By any means necessary”!

“Keep Clocking Those Steps”


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I Love Walkingspree! video contest & Walkingspree Bloggers

What do you love most about Walkingspree? Is it the pedometer, or the challenges or competitions?

Or is it the opportunity to get and give support to other members? Maybe it’s watching your progress on Step Tracker or watching your pants get smaller and smaller!

Whatever it is, tell us all about it in a video love letter. Be creative, serious, or zany and just have fun!

Post your video on our Facebook page, or upload them on YouTube and email us a link with your contact information to success@walkingspree.com. Your video could win you a $50 iTunes card or Gift card (your preference)! Walkingspree will be taking submissions until September 1st.

Walkingspree Bloggers

And now we want to introduce you to one of our new Walkingspree panel bloggers. Every Wednesday, bloggers from different programs will be sharing their experience with all of you on this blog. We hope you’ll be inspired by them and will share your journey with them. Please feel free to ask them questions or make comments on their blog posts in the comments section of their blog post.

Welcome Rene’ Brown, CNO employee.

My name is P. Rene’ Brown…just call me Rene’.
Maybe one day I’ll tell you about the “P” – maybe.
I am the mother of one son and I have two grand children who are the apples of my eyes.
One boy who’s five…I’m sorry – “almost six” ;o) and just lost his first tooth and my grand daughter just had her fourth birthday.

I’m a grand mom at heart and although I am going to be 50 in February 2012, I refuse to be a “50’s” grand mom.

When I take my grands to the play ground I actually play with them. I jump on the swings, encourage them to climb trees, run through the sprinkles on hot days, and work on upper body strength by doing pull ups on the monkey bars. – Okay, the monkey bar part – I do my best.

I love adults, but am not too fond of “grown” folks. They are too grown for me. Among other things that I won’t mention here, they are too grown to have a gut wrenching laugh, too grown to play and too grown to have silly fun. One of my most sincere prayers is that God make me (my heart) like a child at play. HE hasn’t disappointed me yet.

I love my church – St. Paul’s at 10th and Wallace in Philadelphia – and minister in music by singing on the Inspirational and Women’s choirs and yes, I wear my pedometer at church – under my robe or when robes are not required – I clip it to my secret place…Shhhh. But I don’t go anywhere without my pedometer.

Once my car needed to be serviced and I planned to drive to the service center, walk home, then walked back to get it when the work was completed. When I realized I forgot my pedometer, I drove back home to get it. Hey, that walk yielded 15,000 steps…and I wasn’t about to waste all those steps. Okay – I’m obsessed – I admit it!

Even my mother loves my pedometer and asks about my step count everyday. As a work at home on-line professor she doesn’t get out of the house as much as she used to. You know the drill – go down stairs, make a pot of coffee, and sit at your desk for six or seven hours. My pedometer really made my mother take a look at how sedentary her physical activity has become and has actually made her get out a take a walk or two during the day. Once my car needed to be serviced and I planned to drive to the service center, walk home, then walked back to get it when the work was completed. When I realized I forgot my pedometer, I drove back home to get it. Hey, that walk yielded 15,000 steps…and I wasn’t about to waste all those steps. Okay – I’m obsessed – I admit it!

I have a ton of interesting walk stories to tell you – catch up with me on my blog and by any means necessary keep…CLOCKIN’ THOSE STEPS.

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