kCura v. Horizon Software: Launch Breakfast

Hey Horizon – Breakfast is ready!

What are you eating this morning kCura?

Horizon Software breakfast

Walkingspree Hometown Pride Challenge: During March, kCura Corporation and Horizon Software are competing head-to-head for bragging rights, hometown pride and a prize of local delicacies (courtesy of the loser.) The team with the highest average daily step count takes it all. This challenge is part of their corporate walking programs, which promotes and encourages walking for health.

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kCura v. Horizon Software: Chicago Smackdown

Horizon Software has been challenged by kCura out of Chicago to a one-month (March) walking challenge. The winner will be determined by the highest average daily steps. The North vs. the South with popcorn and pralines. Hometown Pride is at stake. Bring it on kCura. Horizon looks forward to the popcorn! Itโ€™s On!!!

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