Walk with Santa Challenge

It’s time for December’s challenge to win a free subscription to Family Doctor Magazine. Written by health-care professionals, James Hubbard’s My Family Doctor is your trustworthy, evidence-based source for reliable health information–delivered straight to your door.

This December you’ll have the chance to be Santa’s Walking Buddy.

At WalkingSpree we have a diverse group that include many faiths and beliefs, so we fully recognize that not everyone celebrates Christmas or the spirit of Santa Claus. If you do not want to participate in the Walk with Santa Challenge. You can easily remove him from your buddy list by going to Walking Buddies and click remove. We will still verify if you’ve walked more than 7,000 steps on days between now and December 31st.


You will notice on your profile page starting tomorrow morning that you now have a new walking buddy. . . Santa Claus. Jolly Ole Saint Nick himself.

Santa averages 7,000 steps every day during December (he doesn’t hit 10,000 because he’s on his sleigh a lot this time of year).

For every day you walk more than Santa from today until Dec. 31st, your name is entered into the draw for the subscription to Family Doctor Magazine.

Holiday Walking Tips

The holidays can be a challenging time for people to find time to exercise with visiting friends and family. So here are some suggestions to help you get those holiday steps in:

1. Holiday Shopping – You’re at the mall already, so instead of feeling frustrated that you’ve got to run around the mall so much, check your pedometer regularly and refuel that frustration into success that you’re getting healthier and boosting your steps.

2. Park far away from the malls

3. Family walks – While visiting family and friends. Instead of everyone sitting on the couch stuffed to the gills from food, suggest everyone go for a walk instead to look at the Christmas lights.

4. Shoveling snow – Not anyone’s favorite job. Remember as you push the scoop down the driveway that you’re adding more steps to your pedometer.

5. Decorating – While decorating the tree or house, take one item per trip to add more steps.

6. Walk & Talk – The holidays are a time when we’re often on the phone with family and friends. Take advantage of this time to use a portable phone and walk around your house while talking.

7. Holiday parties – Often a time for dancing. Get out on the dance floor and step up a storm.

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Mini Circuit Workout

This is a  quick, fun and effective In-Home workout that you can do using your bodyweight, dumbbells, bands, soup cans or milk containers:


Start with 1 set at your personal pace and do your best.  If you feel any stress, or discomfort, please discontinue. So without further ado…here we go!


1. Always start of with 5-7 minutes of warming up your body:Light marching or jogging in place or any continual movement.


2. 10-15 Push-ups (chest/shoulders/triceps), on the floor, or using the wall.


3. 15-20 Squats (quads/hamstrings/glutes): Use a chair for support if needed.


4. 1-minute of Jump rope/Jumping Jacks/Marching or Jogging in place.


5. 10-15 Bent Over or 1 Arm Rows (back/shoulders/biceps), using med to light weights, soup cans or a water jug.


6. 10-20 Lunges (quads/hams/glutes): Use a chair, wall or dowel for balance if needed.


7. 1-minute of Jump rope/Jumping Jacks/Marching or Jogging in place.


8. 15-25 Bicycles or Alternating Bicycles Crunches (total abs):  When executing Alternating  Bicycles Crunches keep 1 foot on the floor at all times, instead of both feet off the floor.


9. 20-25 Basic Crunches on the floor. 


If you find that you can do 2 sets (or circuits) great! This mini-workout will assist you getting back on track for the New Year!


"Dream Boldly and Wait for the Magic to Happen"

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Accelerate your Walking Workout

I have a great walking workout to accelerate your results this week:

1. Clip on your Pedometer (don’t forget to use your lanyard. The lanyard is essential to use to prevent losing your pedometer).

2. Start off with any easy pace, making sure that you’re keeping your arms bent and moving.

3. Make sure to contract your abs, stride strong and now.…..

4. 10-minutes into your walk (your aerobic steps are now activated), do 1-minute of squats making sure you sink back on your hips, keeping your knees behind your toes and exhaling when lifting. When done.

5. Continue walking for another 5-minutes.

6. Stop for 1-minute for a set of Push-ups either against a wall, bench or on the grass if possible. When done, continue walking…yeah…feeling great!

7. Continue walking for 5-minutes increasing your intensity, either by walking faster or a jogging…oh yeah!

8. Slow down and for (you guessed it!) 1-minute Walking Lunges or Stationary Lunges

9. Now if your goal is 20-minutes of cardio end with a BIG FINISH by sprinting/jogging or running for 1 minute. Burning?..Oh yeah…Increased Calories…Definitely!

10. If you want to continue on change your walking with 1/5 combo (1 minute of walking/sprinting/running followed by 5 minutes of walking).

11. Make sure you cool down, followed by stretching. YEAH YOU DID IT!Cool

If you have any questions for me, I’m now online for live chat support every Friday from 4:30 – 5:30 (pdt), so don’t hesitate to log on or email me.

Fitfully yours,

Lisa (aka Trainerlisa)

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Eating healthy in a tough economy – Part 3

A continuation on the “Eating healthy in a tough economy series”.

Eating healthy in a tough economy

Price Comparisons

1. Instead of ice cream for $.26 for 1/2 cup, try lowfat cottage cheese for $.33 for 1/2 cup

2. Instead of a Klondike Bar for $.76, try lowfat yogurt for $.55 for 1/2 cup

3. Instead of Sara Lee Cheesecake for $1.10 a slice, try 2oz. bananas, 2 oz. cherries, 2 oz. strawberries and 1tbsp. lite cool whip for $1.07

4. Instead of a side salad at a restaurant for $2.99, try 1/2 cup fresh salad, 2oz. carrots, 1/4 of cucumber, and 2oz. of tomatoes for $1.91

5. Instead of 1 pop tart for $.24, try 1/4 cup Granola for $.18 or 1 packet of oatmeal for $.22

Foods under a $1.00

Here are some foods that are under $1. You will probably notice that these foods are healthier than other options, such as candy, cookies, cakes, pies and other high sugar, high fat foods.

1. 2 cans of tuna fish

2. 1 loaf of whole wheat bread

3. Canned beans

4. 1 container of yogurt

5.. 2 apples

6. 3 bananas

7. 1/2 dozen eggs

8. canned vegetables

9. 1 container of apple sauce

10. 1 box of raisins

I hope this helps motivate you to eat not only healthier, but more economical too.

Part 1

Part 2

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D-Blog Day: Diabetes Awareness Month Step Tips Calendar

On November 9th, D-blog day, every year, bloggers join together to write about Diabetes. This coincides with November being American Diabetes Month and Nov. 14th being World Diabetes Day.

D-Blog Day

The American Diabetes Association wants to ask you “Why should you care about Diabetes?”.

Why do I care about Diabetes?

I care about diabetes because it has been rampant in my family. My grandmother, my grandfather, aunts and uncles. I want to make sure that I am healthy for my two sons and that they, themselves, do not develop diabetes.

With numbers like these below, many of us have diabetes or have family members with diabetes and that is why awareness is critical.

Nationwide: 23.6 million people – 7.8% of the population – have diabetes

  • Diagnosed: 17.9 million people
  • Undiagnosed: 5.7 million people

Your Child has a one in three chance of a future with diabetes.

WalkingSpree’s 30 Days to ask “Why you should care about Diabetes” calendar.

For Diabetes Awareness Month, you can download WalkingSpree’s Diabetes Awareness calendar with walking tips for posting in your workplace or on your fridge as a reminder of the importance of every step you take.

Controlling Diabetes

Walking is one of the best ways to control Type II diabetes and improving the health of diabetics.

A diabetes prevention study of more than 3,000 patients with impaired glucose tolerance (a pre-diabetes condition) showed that those who walked or exercised five times a week for 30 minutes lost between 5 and 7 percent of their body weight and reduced their risk of diabetes by 58 percent. Those over age 60 reduced their risk of diabetes by 71 percent, a result not matched by any drug used in the study.

In another study, diabetic patients who wore a pedometer for 3 months showed improvements in their fitness, blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and weight, and lost an average of more than 4 lbs each.

Reduce Health Care Costs

Research shows that approximately 20% of the population with diabetes incur 80% of healthcare costs. The better controlled a diabetic is, the lower the risk for developing long-term complications from diabetes-very expensive complications to treat, like retinopathy (eye disease), nephropathy (kidney disease), and neuropathy (nerve disease).


Dlife: Making a Difference in Diabetes: Ten Ways YOU Can Get Involved in Diabetes Awareness Month

DiabetesCompass: Your Diabetic Feet

Joslin Diabetes Center: Managing your diabetes

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