kCura v Horizon: New Spaces and Places = A lot Of Walking!

Horizon, like we said before, we are moving across the street to a new building.

In other words, there is a lot of walking going on at kCura today and all weekend!

Look at these strong kCurians lifting heavy boxes and preparing for the move…

Saturday should be a great time for us to get in our steps because our new building is two floors instead of one!

We are going to finish strong, so watch out Horizon!

Walkingspree Hometown Pride Challenge: During March, kCura Corporation and Horizon Software are competing head-to-head for bragging rights, hometown pride and a prize of local delicacies (courtesy of the loser.) The team with the highest average daily step count takes it all. This challenge is part of their corporate walking programs, which promotes and encourages walking for health.

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  • Cheryl Apr 02, 2012 

    Unfortunately, I have a foot issue that prevented me from participating in this challenge, but I did my part by putting together the smack talk video for our team. 🙂

    I just wanted to say, before we find out who won, that it’s been a lot of fun watching the back-and-forth on both sides. I know that your posts directed toward Horizon really motivated our team. I assume ours did the same.

    Thanks to our employers who care enough about us to fund and promote this kind of health initiative in the workplace. Regardless of who wins the challenge, I think we’ve all benefitted from the effort.

    (I still hope Horizon wins. 🙂

  • Allie Apr 27, 2012 


    I appreciate your message!

    You blogs did motivate kCura to get steppin’! Thanks you for all your kind words. We had a lot of fun competiting against you in the walking competition.

    The pralines were fantastic and very yummy.

    Thanks a lot Cheryl!