kCura V Horizon Software: Born to Walk

Congratulations to our top walker today, Juan!

Juan, who is part of our IT Department, is ready to battle to the last minute of our walking competition.

Look at his face โ€“ it looks like he is ready to win and keep his hometown pride!

kCura is very busy this week.ย  We are moving across the street to a new building on Friday.

Don’t worry, Horizon. ย We are still going to get our steps in and our pedometers will be worn till Saturday at midnight!

Walkingspree Hometown Pride Challenge: During March, kCura Corporation and Horizon Software are competing head-to-head for bragging rights, hometown pride and a prize of local delicacies (courtesy of the loser.) The team with the highest average daily step count takes it all. This challenge is part of their corporate walking programs, which promotes and encourages walking for health.

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  • David Breen Mar 28, 2012 

    Earlier this evening I made a mistake while registering my wife, Linda S. Breen. She should have been listed as “spouse” rather than active. I don’t know if this is a significant error. If it is, could you make the correction? Thank you. Her email address is lindasbreen@comcast.net.