Mini Circuit Workout

This is a  quick, fun and effective In-Home workout that you can do using your bodyweight, dumbbells, bands, soup cans or milk containers:


Start with 1 set at your personal pace and do your best.  If you feel any stress, or discomfort, please discontinue. So without further ado…here we go!


1. Always start of with 5-7 minutes of warming up your body:Light marching or jogging in place or any continual movement.


2. 10-15 Push-ups (chest/shoulders/triceps), on the floor, or using the wall.


3. 15-20 Squats (quads/hamstrings/glutes): Use a chair for support if needed.


4. 1-minute of Jump rope/Jumping Jacks/Marching or Jogging in place.


5. 10-15 Bent Over or 1 Arm Rows (back/shoulders/biceps), using med to light weights, soup cans or a water jug.


6. 10-20 Lunges (quads/hams/glutes): Use a chair, wall or dowel for balance if needed.


7. 1-minute of Jump rope/Jumping Jacks/Marching or Jogging in place.


8. 15-25 Bicycles or Alternating Bicycles Crunches (total abs):  When executing Alternating  Bicycles Crunches keep 1 foot on the floor at all times, instead of both feet off the floor.


9. 20-25 Basic Crunches on the floor. 


If you find that you can do 2 sets (or circuits) great! This mini-workout will assist you getting back on track for the New Year!


"Dream Boldly and Wait for the Magic to Happen"

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