Thanksgiving eating strategies

Eating healthy on Thanksgiving can be a challenge. But by planning ahead and choosing a few strategies, you can enjoy the day without the guilt. Here are a few ideas that may help, and remember moderation is key.

  • Take time to enjoy your food. Slow down, enjoy your company and eat mindfully.
  • Take smaller portions. You can always go back for seconds.
  • Take time to enjoy your indulgences. Rate your favorite foods from 1-10 and eat only 9s and 10s.
  • Take time and listen to your stomach. When you are full, push your plate away. No need to be stuffed like the turkey.
  • Take time to eat breakfast and avoid skipping meals before the feast. If you become too hungry you may overeat.
  • Take a dish to pass. The hosts will appreciate it and you can make sure there is a healthy dish available.
  • Take a walk before and after dinner. The extra steps will help curb your appetite and steel your resolve.
  • Take time to compliment the cook – especially if you are doing the cooking.

Above all, remember, this day will not make or break you if you make wise food choices the rest of the year.

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